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What is your entrepreneurial comfort zone?

What is your entrepreneurial comfort zone - cup of tea on a table
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What is a comfort zone?

Your comfort zone is where your conscious mind feels the most secure, aware and able to cope with all responsibilities and circumstances.

Everyone’s ideal zone of comfort is different, but when you find it, you will feel at ease with your surroundings, your business and your environment.

Therefore, working within your comfort zone can be fulfilling and you could produce highly productive and impressive work. Feeling at ease with your situation and knowing you’re capable of successfully completing any task within your comfort zone is a benefit.

What are the downsides of your comfort zone?

Your comfort zone is great for your self-confidence and ego, but constant comfort and lack of challenging situations, obstacles or unforeseen circumstances might have a negative effect on your entrepreneurial growth.

Consistently working with little challenge and full control means you will probably experience very little negative pressure or disappointment. This combination is not designed for entrepreneurial success. Entrepreneurs must understand their situation and know what to do when things are not going as expected.

However, trying to move out of your comfort zone can be a lifeline for you and your business. Overcoming challenges and solving problems is the essence of entrepreneurship and staying in your area of comfort prevents future growth and learning.

How can entrepreneurs use their comfort zone?

“Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle.” - Napoleon Hill, American self-help author

Working just outside of your comfort area is the best area for your business and will help you to build more entrepreneurial skills and knowledge. If you’re regularly performing actions without any challenge or additional learning means you were not growing as a person and a business owner.

It’s potentially negative to stay within your comfort zone. Providing your customers with value might not be enough if there are changing legal threats, improved competitions or changing industries.

To improve and grow as a business owner you need to overcome business challenges. Remaining within a safe and secure working environment is not likely to provide good long-term results.

How can entrepreneurs use their comfort zone for business growth?

It’s possible to use your comfort zone as a measure of your business knowledge and skills. When you encounter a challenge that seems unsurmountable, you can decide to prepare thoroughly before making changes or you can find a partner or mentor to help with your challenges.

Use the following advice to make your comfort zone work for you:

  • Knowing when you have an opportunity to grow

  • Beware of your skills and knowledge before leaving your comfort zone

Knowing when you have an opportunity to grow

Understanding your comfort zone helps you develop your personal and professional skills. When you’re feeling you do not know the answer to a question or you need to think about the next steps, it’s an area of personal and professional growth. This is when you will learn more about entrepreneurship and you will help your business succeed.

You can use your comfort zone to identify when you’ve found the situations and actions, which align with your skills, enjoyment and experience. Using this as a guide can help you understand where you need help or find people with stronger skills.

Beware of your skills and knowledge before leaving your comfort zone

Growth is found outside your comfort zone. This is when you have to increase your skills before engaging with the competition or offering customers a substandard product or service.

Take care to focus on making changes to your objectives, goals, plans and routines, so you can make the most of your changing circumstances. Assess your skills and experience before changing directions and moving away from your comfortable zone.

What can stop you from leaving your comfort zone?

Avoiding Success

It’s often thought that most people are interested in the factors behind success.

However, there are many entrepreneurial business owners that intentionally or unintentionally try to hide from successful businesses.

There are many reasons why entrepreneurs act this way, but it could be anything from imposter syndrome to simply not wanting to have a business larger than they can handle.

Avoiding disappointment

Working to build and grow a business is something entrepreneurs take very seriously.

However, potential failure can cause fear and apprehension for some business owners. Entrepreneurs can avoid failure and disappointment by withdrawing from the market, which slows the business when the entrepreneur fails to drive the business forward.

How to achieve entrepreneurial growth

Try to work towards a growth mindset. This will help you build new skills by having an open mind about your personal and professional growth.

You might have to use a business coach, a mentor or someone within your network that has experience with the challenges that you’re likely to encounter throughout your journey.

Some final thoughts on comfort zone

If your business is not growing, it’s dying as every industry and market changes, so it’s very difficult to remain at a constant level.

Your business costs usually increase due to inflation, which means you must either pass on the increase to your customer prices or increase sales to remain at the same level.

Growing and challenging yourself with different experiences can help you grow as a business owner and become accustomed to new challenges.

This is the powerful thing about comfort zones. When you successfully expand your comfort zone, it will grow to include new skills, experiences and knowledge. Therefore, you naturally become a more successful business owner as you will have more skills and you can slowly expand your comfort zone even further over time.

Good luck!

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