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About Us

Take your ideas from dream to reality

EvenTurtle supports solopreneurs and small business owners of all sizes from all communities by providing knowledge, resources and tools. Enabling them to fulfil their untapped potential and overcome the well-known curse of early business failure.

We understand each business is unique and requires a tailored approach. We provide bespoke services including marketing and business strategy to technology advice and mentoring. Helping them reach their long-term business goals.

Our Story

Brother and sister duo; Marcus and Tarnea with their extensive backgrounds in marketing, sales and tech joined forces to create EvenTurtle.

We understand that life isn't fair and we want to make it fairer for people from all walks of life. We see the untapped value and wealth within the diverse world of entrepreneurs and want to 'even out' the playing field.


We do this by providing services, resources and tools to help and facilitate solopreneurs and small business owners to reach their goals and aspirations.


We believe that all businesses should be treated equally and given the same opportunities.

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